Centre Scientifique & Technique Del’Industrie Textile Belge Asbl (Centexbel)

Research and Technology development

Centexbel is the Belgian scientific and technical center of the textile industry founded in 1950 to ensure and strengthen the competitiveness of the textile industry. Our accredited and well-equipped laboratories offer a full range of textile analyses while supporting the R&D activities of Centexbel and the industry. It is a notified body for protective clothing and can deliver CE marking and testing. CTB is also involved in standardization committees and offers technological advice and training to companies in Belgium and abroad. Technology platforms, pilot lines and technology consulting are also available to research and industry.

Involved technology: Cascade enzymatic hydrolysis

Involved demo-site: Austria (DKW)

Role: RTD – sorting and recycling of textiles – biodegradable coatings for textiles.

In PLASTICE, Centexbel (CTB) will help DKW in upgrading their existing sorting line so that material with specific composition (mainly polycoton blends) can be sorted out, notably via the implementation of NIR-scanners. CTB will develop textile biobased coatings for enzymatic recycling developed and prototyped with integrated triggers for the enzymatic breakdown. CTB will produce granulates from the PET recovered from the enzymatic hydrolysis. These granulates will be processed into PET filaments by KORTEKS.

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