De Kringwinkel Antwerpen

Waste manager

We offer economically viable solutions for maximum reuse of goods and useful applications for the non-reusable portion. As we are both ecological and social, Kringwinkel offers a career and career opportunities to employees for whom the regular job market offers few possibilities. Kringwinkel Antwerpen exploits 11 second hand shops, a circular hub, a renting service, a webshop, a movingservice and two repairshops in Antwerp and surroundings. Innovation is in the genes of our organization, we choose sensible growth and are always looking out for new opportunities and collaborations that will change the way we look at employment or contribute to a circualr economy. Kringwinkel Antwerpen operates according to our 3 major core values: respect, appreciation and trust.

Involved technology: Cascade enzymatic hydrolysis

Involved demo-site: Austria (DKW)

Role: waste manager – supplier of polycotton textile blend as feedstock for enzymatic treatment.

The main role of Kringwinkel in PLASTICE is to detect and select polycotton blends out of downstream textiles. Kringwinkel reuses and recycles a large amount of garments and household textiles by selling them in their second hand stores throughout Belgium. Nonetheless there still remains a big share of sorted textiles that can’t be sold. These lower quality and unsalable items are defined as downstream textiles. To improve the textile sorting process of polycotton blends, as they are the feedstock for enzymatic treatment, Kringwinkel will invest in NIR-technology. This will assist employees in the sorting process and will ensure to meet the standards for further recycling of the lower quality textiles by automatic fibre-detection.

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