JustB2B – B2B Consulting Group

Exploitation leader

B2B Consulting Group SL, a company founded in 2018 that, through its JustB2B consulting brand, offers tailored solutions to help its clients transform their B2B companies to be able to generate better, more predictable and scalable business. The services offered by JustB2B are two types: on one hand, transformation programs that pursue a very specific objective and combines consulting, managerial development and coaching. And on the other hand, transformation consulting offering comprehensive support to the client in the process of transforming the management model and the company’s B2B culture in order to generate better, more predictable and scalable business.

Role: horizontal partner – project exploitation leader.

In PLASTICE, JustB2B has the role of exploitation leader, our main objective is to present Exploitation methodology to ensure the exploitation objectives are met, guide the consortium to meet exploitation objectives and organize workshop to gather the results from the partners and its protection.


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