Validation partner

KORTEKS a leader of Turkey’s textiles industry which has more than 2,000 employees and gross sales 400$ million per year. Commencing operations in Bursa in 1989, it’s fully-integrated polyester-yarn manufacturer with approximately 150.000 ton/year production capacity, also biggest supplier of domestic textile industry and exporter to more than sixty countries. KORTEKS not only meets the Turkish textile industry’s needs for high-quality polyester yarns with a rich and diversified lineup of products capable of supplying the market with whatever it wants but also sends its goods to every corner of the world. KORTEKS will carry on increasing our contribution to the economy and take unfaltering steps to proceed for the future with our circular economy based innovation and customer experience oriented manner of work, without any compromises on our quality and cherishing the environment and humans.

Involved technology: Cascade enzymatic hydrolysis

Involved demo-site: Austria (DKW)

Role: validation – development of recycled polyester filament yarns from recycled material

The role of KORTEKS in PLASTICE project starts with analysing the recycled PET chips (from Austrian demo site) in order to determine the technical convinience for spinning process and also to enhance the recycle material quality. KORTEKS has two main roles in the project; first to spin recycled polyester filament yarns (POY) from the recycled material. After spinning process , texturising process will be carried out in order to gain the yarn such a naturel view and touch. In addition KORTEKS can produce coloured recycled yarns by dope dyeing. All yarns produced will be subjected to physical and chemical tests in order to determine their suitability for upstream processes.

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