La Fundación CTIC – Centro Tecnológico para el desarrollo en Asturias de las Tecnologías de la Información

5.0 Industry

CTIC Technology Centre is a Spanish private non-profit Research and Technology Organisation, specialised in the research and development of cutting-edge ICT: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data; Web of Things; Immersive Technologies; Standardisation and Open Data; Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Quantum Computing; Human Factor. These technologies are applied to four main challenges, Health and social care, Smart territories, Governance and Smart industry. CTIC divides its activity into two business areas: AI R&D activities (focused all along the data value chain: data acquisition, data processing, preparation and exploitation of data) and the service support to companies for a digital transformation (mainly regional SMEs). Additionally, CTIC holds the W3C (World Wide Web consortium) office for Spain and the South American Spanish-speaking regions. W3C is an international leading community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web.

Role: horizontal partner – digital solutions.

In PLASTICE, CTIC has a horizontal role developing different digital solutions for the demo sites. Its main development will be a traceability tool that guarantees the recycled origin of the plastic material being processed. CTIC will also develop AI solutions for the sorting of the waste materials and the improvement of the demo sites exemplifying the importance of digital technologies in the context of the European Twin Transition.

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