Transfercenter für Kunststofftechnik (TCKT)

Research and technology development

TCKT is a partner for application-oriented research and development in plastics technology. The research centre offers excellent know-how in the fields of material and compound development, material characterisation as well as in the field of plastics processing. Plastic recycling, which is also the theme of the PLASTICE project, is a key focus at TCKT. The TCKT was founded in 2001 and has currently about 40 employees – researchers and technicians from different disciplines like plastics processing, chemical and automation engineering. Students working at the TCKT as part of our team profit from the available knowledge and experience. Since 2004, TCKT is an accredited testing laboratory in the field of mechanical, thermal, and rheological material testing. The TCKT is a subsidiary of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

Involved technology: Cascade enzymatic hydrolysis

Involved demo-site: Austria (DKW)

Role: RTD – development of enzymatic hydrolysis for recycling textiles.

In PLASTICE, TCKT is responsible for the chemical recycling of textiles through enzymatic reactions. As a research institute, we develop the technology of enzymatic hydrolysis of one component in mixed cotton-polyester textile streams. After preconditioning the shredded textile waste, the cellulose in PET-rich textiles is hydrolysed with the help of cellulases and the resulting sugar solution is separated from the PET. By developing the optimal conditions for the enzymatic process on a laboratory scale, we lay the foundation for a successful scale-up and subsequent commercialisation of the process.

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