Exploring synergies at Chemical Empowering demo-site meeting in Trevi, Italy

Transforming plastic waste into high-value chemicals: innovating towards a circular economy

Trevi, Italy – May 23, 2024 – The PLASTICE project, aimed at transforming plastic waste into high-value chemicals, recently saw its partners gather in Trevi, Italy from May 21 to May 23, 2024. Hosted amidst the picturesque landscapes of Umbria, the meeting centered around the exploration of the Chemical Empowering pilot site, situated in nearby Foligno.

The pilot site in Foligno, part of Italy’s Umbria region, stands as a testament to the project’s innovative approach to waste management and resource valorization. By harnessing a symbiotic operation of a gasifier with a chemical reactor, the project aims to convert solid recovered fuel (SRF), including currently non-recyclable plastics, into valuable products.

The project integrates a gasification process based on a rotatory kiln reactor with a Zero-Emission Bifunctional (ZEB) process to produce dimethyl ether (DME), subsequently processed to yield olefins. This pioneering approach streamlines the production process, enhancing energy efficiency, and reducing costs.

Expected outcomes of the PLASTICE project include the valorization of plastic waste into high-value chemicals like DME and olefins, the integration of gasification with direct syngas chemical treatment for optimized production, and the establishment of social awareness, best practices, and standards surrounding this innovative process.