Chemical Empowering (CE)

Technolgy provider

Established as an aggregating hub for many professionals, research institute and production companies we are specialized in engineering and then applying improvements of technologies, mature in their field, to other areas often obtaining, this way, several real technological leaps simply because we had the courage to do what was before under everyone’s eyes, but no one dared to put it into practice. We rely on extremely efficient external production plants that allow us to satisfy any type of order.

Involved technology: Combined gasification and chemical post-treatment

Involved demo-site: Italy, Rome (PRT)

Role: technology provider – ZEB for Thermo-chemical valorisation of mixed plastics by gasification and chemical post treatment.

In PLASTICE, CE’s role is to draft a detailed design of ZEB to produce DME, build and adapt it to the CSM kiln and CNR catalyst. Furthermore, CE will actively collaborate in the testing and development of the entire pilot system that will be used for the production of DME from syngas. CE’s ultimate goal is to obtain a ZEB that is as adaptable as possible to the needs of use both mechanically and through the settings of the proprietary PLC software.


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