Waste manager

The P.R.T. S.r.l. is a leader in Campania in the waste sector, and precisely in the production of CSS and CSS-C .. The activity concretely carried out by the company consists precisely in collecting non-hazardous plastic waste from authorized platforms, and then operating the selection and volumetric reduction of the were producing the fuel destined for cement factories. In particular, the processing cycle, which consists of a mechanical treatment of the waste, provides for a first rough volumetric reduction, the elimination of any traces of ferrous metals by means of iron removers installed in various points of the plant, removal of the PVC (plastics not suitable for production of CSS) through optical selectors and finally a volumetric reduction such as to bring to size ≤ 30 mm.

Involved technology: Combined gasification and chemical post-treatment

Involved demo-site: Italy, Rome (PRT)

Role: waste manager

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