#CircularWasteEU – Collaborative social media initiative marks International Day of Zero Waste 2024

Teaming up with numerous EU-funded projects, PLASTICE’s partner, ICONS, reveals a captivating social media campaign, shining a spotlight on the importance of the International Day of Zero Waste 2024.

Press release, 04/03/2024

The vast scale of worldwide waste generation presents a significant challenge to climate change, biodiversity, and environmental pollution. Statistics indicate an annual production of 2.1 to 2.3 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste, with a mere 61–62% undergoing proper management. Navigating the realms of sustainable consumption, production, and optimizing waste handling processes have become imperative for advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In recognition of the waste crisis, the United Nations General Assembly declared 30 March as the International Day of Zero Waste in 2022. This annual observance calls upon member States, organizations, civil society, the private sector, and various stakeholders to participate in activities promoting sustainable practices, advancing the transition to circular economies, and fostering awareness of the pivotal role played by zero-waste initiatives.

Taking an active stance within the realm of circular economy projects, PLASTICE is set to actively engage in the International Day of Zero Waste 2024. This involvement includes a collaborative social media campaign featuring partnerships with K-CCRI, Woodcircles, Reconstruct, Agro2Circular, Plastice, ViSS, B-ferst, Cultivate, and REBELION projects.

The campaign, titled #CircularWasteEU, predominantly comprises succinct videos featuring project coordinators or partners elucidating the pivotal role of circularity in realizing a potentially zero-waste world. These videos explore the distinct methods that each project adopts to tackle broader challenges.

Commencing on 4 March 2024, each project will disseminate the #CircularWasteEU campaign through its respective channels, running until 30 March. The extended timeline facilitates the inclusion of interested parties keen on joining this impactful initiative.

ICONS extends an open invitation to any initiative, project, or company enthusiastic about championing the cause to participate in this collaborative campaign. Together, they aim to amplify the collective impact and further underscore the urgency of embracing circular practices for a sustainable future.


Photo credits: Joel Muniz on Unsplash