Giving a voice and a face to the PLASTICE project

PLASTICE, an EU-funded project aimed at giving a new life to plastics, has now completed its press kit and branding.

December 15th, 2022 – The PLASTICE project has now finalised its branded communication kit, which has already started to enhance the project and give it visibility. The communication materials are designed to drive awareness about the project and to elevate its visual identity and public image. They provide updates on progress and convey project results to the general public by turning complexity into simplicity.

The kit comprises the brand’s visual identity; a flyer about the project’s key objectives and expected results; and the project website, acting as the touch-point between the project’s activities and followers. A newsletter will also be issued every two months. Subscription can be made at this link.

The project’s social media channels are LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Posts cover different topics and include various graphic formats for greater impact. The project uses the hashtag #PLASTICE_eu on all its platforms. In November, the PLASTICE presentation video was released.

ICONS manages the project’s communication, with support from all the project’s 23 partners who use their own networks to help deliver insights and messages to stakeholders.

For more enquiries please contact the communication secretariat from Fondazione ICONS: Silvia Raimondi ( and Angela Marzorati (