Microwave technology to boost circularity in the plastics industry

The newspaper “Heraldo de Aragon” just posted a Spanish press release talking about PLASTICE project, specifically about CIRCE’s capacities on microwave technology and the demosite in Urbaser.

Plastic recycling and recovery technologies are particularly relevant in a context of high demand for this material and its uncontrolled dumping at the end of its life cycle. The Circe technology centre, aware of this challenge, is already working on the development of new technologies to recover this material through thermochemical processes such as pyrolysis and solvolysis. The latter makes it possible to generate new polyamides or second-generation polyurethanes while maintaining the physico-chemical properties of the original particles. However, for other plastics that are more difficult to process and separate, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, pyrolysis technology has great potential.

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