Spain, Zaragoza (URBASER)

More efficient and controllable pyrolisis powered by renewables


Zaragoza & Urbaser premises for pyrolysis technology


Plastic fraction of MSW, particularly mixes of PP, PE and PS

Microwaves-assisted pyrolysis will be tested. This technology provides a more efficient and controllable process compared to conventional pyrolysis, with the additional advantage of being powered by RES (e.g. PV) due to the electrification of the process.

Expected outcomes

  • 1

    To enable the recycling of plastic waste, which is currently landfilled due to technical and economic barriers.

  • 2

    To electrify and optimize the energy consumption of the process to achieve a full renewable approach.

  • 3

    To validate new approaches for plastics recycling able to reduce energy needs, increase the overall performance of the process and make it fully circular.

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